3 Vegan Restaurants I Love in London

3 Vegan Restaurants I Love in London

Now restaurants have reopened, I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favourite vegan restaurants I’ve been to. London is a hotspot for vegan food with 152 vegan restaurants, and so has been ranked as the world’s most vegan friendly city (according to a survey conducted by HappyCow, a favourite mobile app of mine which lists all the vegan food spots closest to your curent location). I hope this blog post gives you some ideas of where to eat next if you live near London – there is nothing better than eating in a 100% vegan restaurant where you are spoilt with choice; being limited to the kale salad or chickpea burger in your local high street chain isn’t living the life.

1. Unity Diner

Unity Diner is a non-profit fully vegan food and cocktail bar, set up by a group of friends including well-known animal activist, Earthling Ed. All profits go to the animal rights organisation, Surge, and contribute to the development of a new animal sanctuary in the UK.

If you’re looking for a restaurant to prove sceptical non-vegans who think all you live on is salad, then this is the place. My personal favourite is the Tofish & Chips – I wasn’t even a fan of fish before I went vegan, but I adore this dish, and it tastes like the real deal.

The desserts are mind-blowing too – the salted caramel cake, peanut butter blondie and cheesecake are shown in the photo below!

There is a huge selection of cocktails with witty names, my favourite being ‘Piers Morgan’s Tears’.

‘earthlings’ cocktail

I’ve been to Unity Diner three times now, and I’ve enjoyed the dining experience every time – the decor in the restaurant is vibrant but cosy, and I LOVE the cool wallpaper and vegan slogans everywhere. And most importantly, the food tastes even better knowing your money is helping the vegan cause.


2. Farmacy

Unique from the usual ‘junk-food vegan’ approach, Farmacy doesn’t offer Beyond burgers dripping with vegan cheese, but instead good quality ‘classy’ food. I think Farmacy is the best place for more formal dinners or special occasions, yet is also suitable for dropping in for lunch or a latte and cake.

I’ve been to Farmacy twice, and have tried the Chef’s Curry and the Got No Beef Burger, both of which I enjoyed. The desserts are also to die for, and the drinks could be described as stereotypically vegan (see ‘adaptogenic latte’) but I’m a sucker for a superfood turmeric latte and pretending I’m a temple of health, so I was in my element. Farmacy is on the pricier side (pricier side of usual vegan restaurants, so £££!) but in my opinion, an evening there is totally worth saving up for.

Banana bread pudding


3. Wulf & Lamb

This is a lovely restaurant which has a pleasant laid-back atmosphere and has delicious food. For my main, I had the Wulf Pie, which was my first time trying jackfruit and I became obsessed, and the selection of desserts and cakes are insane, too. The carrot cake is to-die-for. I have visited twice, and I’m so happy it’s near Imperial College London where I hope to be studying next year, but I don’t think my student budget will allow a weekly carrot cake 🙁

They have two sites in London, so if you are around Chelsea or Marylebone, Wulf & Lamb would be the perfect place to stop.


These are three recommendations for vegan restaurants in London. I have visited many more, but I felt that these three were my absolute favourites, and the fact that I have been to each one more than once proves that.

I am excited to soon be living in London for university, and so will have the opportunity to explore more vegan places! Let me know if you have been to any great vegan food spots in London, and I’ll be sure to check them out!

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