I’m still theconsciousmedic!

I’m still theconsciousmedic!

For a re-cap, I needed to sit my A Level Chemistry in autumn because I didn’t get the A that I needed from my teacher predictions back in summer when exams were cancelled.

Read my blog post explaining the whole situation!

By the time I found out I needed to sit the chemistry exams, I had just over five weeks until my first exam. Five weeks to revise an entire A level that I hadn’t looked at since schools closed in March. Five weeks to learn content from scratch that we didn’t get around to learning at school. Five weeks to learn on my own with no teacher help and no classmates for support . I didn’t know anyone else who was also sitting the exams. All my friends were about to embark on their first term at university, and I was still at home essentially stuck in year 13 A level mentality. I had to grapple with the fact I wouldn’t be starting university for another year and I had no clue how I was going to spend my whole gap year once the exams were finished. And the cherry on top was the frustrating conversations with people who thought I had to ‘re-sit’ my exams because I failed them the first time. It was a hard five weeks.

Results day for the autumn exams was December 17th, and they were posted by email. The night before, I had a dream that I opened up my email to discover I got a B. After talking to my best friend the day after, she also had a dream that I got a B. Well, dreams don’t mean a thing because the next morning I opened my email to see an A!!!!

I am going to Imperial, I am going to be a doctor, and most importantly, I can still call myself theconsciousmedic!

Sorry for the two-month-late update, but it’s all good news! I still am so happy all my hard work paid off, and although I shouldn’t have had to sit the exams, the revision and determination will no doubt help me in my future studies.

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